Summary of Benefits & Coverage


If you are visiting this page from the Health Insurance Marketplace, you will need to select the "continue" message below to find the Summary of Benefits and Coverage information for plans on the Marketplace.
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As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) provides additional information regarding coverage specifications and limitations that apply to the health insurance plan you have selected.

To view the benefit information, enter either the member ID number or a specific SBC ID number.

For Members

You also may find your summary through My Blueprint.

For Applicants

Members with a Medicare, Short-Term Blue, Essential Blue Freedom or Dental plan do not have an SBC.

An SBC is a simplified, easy-to-read list of the common services covered under your plan. The Schedule of Benefits is a more comprehensive list. You also can view your Certificate of Coverage and Schedule of Benefits online.

If you are an employer looking for your group's SBC, please visit the employers section.